Financial Data Entry Automation Integrated with Salesforce & Sageworks
Chameleon Software is an intuitive, easy to use platform that automates data entry processes relating to financial information. Banks save time and money on entry-level resources and have the ability to track the financial health of the company, reporting, and covenant compliance.
Technology Used
Angular 6
Google Vision (OCR)
Spring Framework
Banks spend a lot of time manually processing data which slows down their response times such as the credit review process. Automating the data entry process in the absence of a common format for financial reports.
Zensoft’s team built a solution allowing banks to automate the document parsing process. Using Google Vision as an OCR solution, we built an algorithm that can recognize key data from the file, structure it, and write data to the database.
Zensoft supported Chameleon from the ideation stage, to building their MVP, through to the next stages of scaling their product using well-organized Scrum processes. Zensoft also provided integration with software such as Salesforce and Sageworks, which allows banks to set up seamless integration with the software and migrate data in the click of a button.
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